Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trip Itinerary

With the permit approved I now have an itinerary. It will be a three part trip (at least in my mind). First segment is the High Sierra Trail and up and over to Onion Valley for my resupply. Onion Valley to Vermillion Valley Resort for another resupply then VVR to Happy Isles to complete the three hundred miler.

If I learned anything about plans on last years John Muir Trail, its that an itinerary is nice to have, but flexibility is paramount to success. About the only things that were as originally planned were the start and finish date. Everything else inbetween was made up as I went along. Mother Nature created my itinerary the moment I stepped on the JMT.

So with that, here is the plan...........(the camp numbers are from Elizabeth Wenk's JMT guide).

Day One, 08/03:          To Hamilton Lake, 17.0 Miles, +2900'
Day Two, 08/04:          To Kern Hot Springs,  21.2 Miles, +3800' (Kaweah Gap)
Day Three, 08/05:       To Crabtree Meadow (Camp 12.15), 16.3 Miles, +5000'
Day Four, 08/06:          To Mt. Whitney-Crabtree Meadow, 15.0 Miles, +4000' (Mt. Whitney)
Day Five, 08/07:          To Camp 11.19, 3.0 Miles North Of Forester Pass @ 11,230', 15.5 Miles, +3000' (Forester Pass)
Day Six, 08/08:             To Onion Valley, 13.8 Miles, +2300' (Kearsarge Pass) 
Segment Total=98.8 Miles, +21,000'. 5 Nights/6 Days
Day Seven, 08/09:      Independence, Zero Day
Day Eight, 08/10:         To Camp 11.01, 0.4 Miles South Of Glen Pass. 9.4 Miles, +3,440' (Kearsarge Pass)
Day Nine, 08/11:          To Camp 10.01,1.5 Miles South Of Pinchot Pass, 14.8 Miles, +3000' (Glen Pass)
Day Ten, 08/12:           To Palisade Lakes (Camp 8.29), 15.0 Miles, +3000' (Pinchot Pass & Mather Pass)
Day Eleven, 08/13:     To Camp 8.01, 3.1 Miles South Of Muir Pass, 16.3 Miles, +2800'
Day Twelve, 08/14:    To Camp 7.16, Goddard Creek Bridge Junction, 16.8 Miles, +1200' (Muir Pass)
Day Thirteen, 08/15:  To Rosemarie Meadow (Camp 6.16), 16.3 Miles, +3000' (Selden Pass)
Day Fourteen, 08/16: To Vermilion Resort, 12.6 Miles, +1500'
Segment Total=101.5 Miles, +19,000'. 6 Nights/7 Days
Day Fifteen, 08/17:     To Lake Virginia, 14.8 Miles, +4500' (Silver Pass....10:00 am Start From VVR)
Day Sixteen, 08/18:    To Reds Meadow, 16.3 Miles, +1200'
Day Seventeen, 08/19: To Thousand Island Lake, 17.2 Miles, +4000'
Day Eighteen, 08/20:  To Tuolomne Meadow, 19.2 Miles, +2200' (Island Pass, Donahue Pass)
Day Nineteen, 08/21:  To Clouds Rest Junction (Camp 1.02) 16.7 Miles, +2000'
Day Twenty, 08/22:     To Clouds Rest-To Half Dome To Happy Isles, 17.1 Miles, +4700' (Clouds Rest & Half Dome) 
Segment Total=101.3 Miles, +18,600'. 5 Nights/6 Days.
Trip Totals=302.0 Miles, +58,600'. 16 Nights/19 Days

Backpacking Permit & Camping Permit Approved

This years permit was much easier to obtain than last years. Starting in Seqouia National Park has its advantages over the Yosemite permit nightmare. I faxed in the permit Thursday March 1st and was approved almost immediately. Last year it took five tries to get one approved.

I will be starting at the Crescent Meadow Trailhead Friday August 3rd with a finish at Happy Isles on Wednesday August 22nd.

I was able to reserve a campsite at Lodgepole for two nights with ease compared to the Yosemite Campground nightmare.

Trip Itinerary Coming.........